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Many beverage companies claim to provide authentic ingredients in their drinks.  We are a fresh juice company who can authentically support the claim

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Lemon Ginger

Our Lemon Ginger drinks provide a delectable blend of heat with sweet. We blend a mix of citrus juices with cold pressed organic ginger juice. This is an excellent drink for those cold catching days to add a boost to your immune system.

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Sister Lateefah's
Original Hibiscus

The Original Hibiscus Tea consists of natural fresh brewed hibiscus tea with an elegantly blended mixture of fresh squeezed citrus juices. This delicious blend of fresh fruit juices and hibiscus tea also provide many benefits.

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Original Green Tea

Our Green Tea provides natural caffeine with many other health benefits. This tea is made of fresh brewed green tea leaves as well as an elegant mixture of fresh squeezed fruit juices.

Peppermint Soother New bottle_edited_edited.jpg

Peppermint Soother

Peppermint soother is a delicate soothing herbal drink designed for pure relaxation. The peppermint is from fresh brewed tea and mixed with the perfect array of fresh squeezed citrus juices.

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Pineapple Ginger

This drink is one of our best sellers!!! Made with cold pressed organic ginger and 100% pineapple juice. This drink provides a little heat with a delicate mix of sweet and savory mixing the pineapple juice with the citrus juices.

Citrus Blend New Bottle_edited.jpg

Citrus Blend

The Citrus Blend consists of an intellectual blend of citrus fruit juices. These juices are fresh squeezed and not from concentrate. Citrus blend was designed to provide the maximum benefit that can be obtained from citrus juices.

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Juicy Peach Tea

We added the Juicy peach tea to our product line to offer a caffeinated alternative that will give you a sweet 3 pm boost to your day. This is made with a mix of peach and black tea. This tea is so delicious it goes perfect with any meal!

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Strawberry Citrus

We added fresh cold pressed strawberry juice to our Citrus as our version of Pink lemonade. The strawberry juice adds an amazing pop of flavor that will truly excite your taste buds!!! quickly becoming a best seller!

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